Metaketa Announces Three Additional Grants

NEW YORK, NY – Today, the Experiments in Governance and Politics Network (EGAP) announces the awarding of three additional grants to innovative experimental research projects that seek to assess the role of information in fostering political accountability in developing countries. Four initial awards were given on August 6 (see here), totalling seven projects participating in the initiative. The granting initiative, which is administered by UC Berkeley’s Center on the Politics of Development, is aimed at maximizing comparability and cumulation of learning across studies. In turn, EGAP will disseminate findings to the broader academic and development policymaking communities.

All of the projects use common informational interventions to assess the impact of providing voters with information about politician performance.  In addition, each will involve at least one complementary intervention.  In Metaketa, many projects compare the effects of providing information to individual voters (first arm) with the effects of providing information collectively to groups of voters (second arm).  This focus on generating “common knowledge” — that is, fostering the perception that information is widely held in a community — may suggest ways of boosting the impact of informational interventions on political accountability.

The awards range from $150,000 to $350,000 in EGAP funding. Some of the projects will begin in early 2015, others later, and all will be completed by Fall 2017. Winning projects will collaborate closely, in conjunction with the Metaketa Selection Committee, with the goal of maximizing the consistency of designs, interventions, and outcome measurement across studies. The following are the most recently awarded projects:

  • Information and Accountability in Primary and General Elections. Location: Uganda. Principal Investigators: Pia Raffler, Melina Platas Izama
  • Accountability and Incumbent Performance in the Brazilian Northeast. Location: Brazil. Principal Investigators: F. Daniel Hidalgo and Taylor Boas.
  • Repairing Information Underload: The Effects on Vote Choice of Information Regarding Politician Performance & Public Goods in Uganda. Location: Uganda. Principal Investigators: Dan Nielson, Mark Buntaine, Ryan Jablonski, and Sarah Bush

Call for proposals for research on Open Government Partnership

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) is excited to announce a new research opportunity exploring the contribution of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to responsive and accountable governance.  The OGP is a global initiative that aims to support action in member countries to pursue more transparent, accountable and responsive governance. With its rapid expansion to over 60 countries and an increasing global profile, now is an opportune moment to engage in an exploration of the OGP’s dynamics and effects on the ground.

This research builds on earlier dialogues T/AI has sponsored exploring the impact of international transparency and accountability initiatives on the ground.

Concept papers are due October 27.  Please see the below call for proposals:

OGP research call for proposals

Full proposal template for short-listed research teams

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