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EGAP has endorsed the idea of research registration in its statement of principles. The basic idea is that registration of research designs limits the scope for “fishing” and provides a tool for assessing the scope and effects of publication bias. See here and here for discussions.

But while there is growing momentum towards the adoption of registration as a standard, currently there are few options for social scientists to register their designs. Important options include the AEA trial registry (open only to RCTs) and the RIDIE registry (open to experimental and observational studies assessing the impact of development programs). The EGAP registry is providing an unsupervised stopgap function to store designs until the creation of a general registry for social science research.

The EGAP registry focuses on designs for experiments and observational studies in governance and politics. To register a design please:

  1. complete theĀ  pilot registration tool; this provides an automatic timestamp for your submission.
  2. send a more detailed preanalysis plan to us at Most authors find that their analysis plan needs more detail than can be provided on the online form and post these in the form on a preanalysis plan. There is currently no required format for a preanalysis plan but the plans should normally at least cover all the fields in the online form and provide more detail on analysis procedures.

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